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Prompt, Courteous, and Personal Service from our Professionals

Phil Begley, owner. ASE Certified Master Tech

Phil BegleyBorn in Texas at the very end of WWII, he is our representative of the baby boom generation.

Phil came to Jackson Hole in 1961 to work for a dude outfitter and spent the next few years outfitting, hunting and fishing in the summer and school in Texas. He graduated from University of Texas at Arlington and moved to Jackson Hole permanently in 1970.

In the first few years he tried several business ventures starting with snowmobile sales and repair, gas station ownership, driving a truck for UPS, independent repair, and fishing guide. In 1974 he bought a house on Teton Village Road. In a short time he needed a home based business because he was by then a single parent with small children. Rabbit Row Repair was born of necessity in 1975.

Automobile repair became a career and he pursued the skills, tools and education required to keep up with the advance in automobiles. It is always his aim to raise the level of skill and professionalism in the auto repair business and the perception by the public of this type business. Certificates are proudly displayed by all employees.



Devin Gust - ASE Tech

Devin GustDevin was an alien package found in Alta, Wyoming, where he stayed. Reared by wolf-kitten hybrids on a ranch in far western Wyoming, he was later sentenced to four years in Jackson Hole High School. He survived and graduated, working his way into the real world at Rabbit Row after school.

One year at the University of Wyoming was enough for Devin and we taught him all we could at Rabbit Row. He then went to UTI and graduated with honor as automotive technician.

Devin lives with his wife and daughter in Driggs and is an asset to Rabbit Row Repair in technical ability a willingness to learn new computer strategy.


ASE Certified Technicians

The automotive industry has grown by leaps and bounds! The days of working on your own automobile are nearly impossible without high tech equipment and specialized training. There are a lot of back-yard mechanics around who would like to have your car-repair dollars.

In order to protect consumers, the independent, non-profit, National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) was established (1972). Their mission was clear: to develop a system where automobile technicians could prove competency - not only to consumers, but also to their employers and to themselves.

A series of national certification exams covering all the major automotive repair and service specialties produces a specialized group of automotive service professionals in repair establishments throughout the nation.

Learn more about ASE, at www.ASE.com

Rabbit Row Repair employs ASE Certified Technicians and uses only the most current techniques and high quality products.

You can be sure your automobile investment is in expert hands with our professionally trained and qualified staff at Rabbit Row!