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12 Tips to Improve Gas Mileage

1. Keep your engine properly tuned. If your engine has improper fuel ratio, old, ineffective spark plugs or incorrect spark timing your gas mileage will decrease significantly.

2. Limit Air Conditioner Use. Use your A/C only when it is really necessary. The air conditioning compressor puts strain on your engine.

3. Keep your tires properly Inflated. Under-inflated tires cause additional travel resistance.

4. Limit Stop-and-Go Traffic. Take alternative routes or travel in less congested traffic.

5. Be Aware of your Car's Performance. Compare your car's performance to others with the same type of car; i.e., compare gas mileage. This may help alert you to problems with your vehicle.

6. Always Use Top-Quality Oil Products. Synthetic or oil treated with friction-reducing additives has been known to actually improve fuel economy by as much as 12%.

7. Keep Loads Light. Reduce cargo weight in your vehicle however possible.

8. Use Cruise Control When Possible. Unnecessary acceleration and braking decreases fuel efficiency.

9. Drive under 60 MPH. Highway speeds under 60 mph, like 55 mph, can actually improve gas mileage by as much as 25%, compared to 75 mph.

10. Try not to Increase Hill Climbing Speed. Keeping your speed steady, on the straightaway as well as on hills, makes for more efficient fuel consumption!

11. Close Your Windows. Traveling down the highway with your windows open actually reduces gas mileage more than using the air conditioner.

12. Remove "Drag-Causing" Accessories. Luggage racks, bike racks and other accessories may be convenient for traveling but the additions to your vehicle impede the aerodynamics, causing decreased fuel efficiency.