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Rabbit Row Repair - On Top of the Latest Technology!!

HYBRID Services

The automotive industry is definitely changing now that there is a revitalized resurgence in environment awareness. RABBIT ROW REPAIR is on top of that technology!

Hybrid Repairs performed on:

Electrical wiring
High voltage power inverter
Hybrid motor/generator
Electric air-conditioning compressor
Electric power steering
Continuously variable transmission
Regenerative Brakes
Valve clearance adjustment
Cooling system
Radiator Service
Engine & Transaxle/inverter coolant
Fuel injection
Ignition system diagnostics & repair
Power distribution
And more. . . .

Hybrids are rated as SULEVs (Super Low Emission Vehicles). The range of gasoline/electric hybrids is not limited and they can get outstanding mileage by using an engine and a generator together with one or more energy storage devices such as batteries. Under the control of on board computers, hybrids can use battery-only power for low speeds, or combine battery and engine power for acceleration, such as for hill climbing. Under long-range travel, the engine operates a generator to re-charge the batteries and drive the vehicle. The engine stops and vehicle inertia runs the generator for battery re-charging in down-hill, or braking situations, resulting in additional fuel efficiency.

Currently, hybrid-electrics are a popular choice, getting 70 mpg and more. We hope for tremendous break-throughs in other alternative fuel options in the near future.

Rabbit Row Repair's staff has been trained on hybrid technology, service requirements. Our technicians are ASE certified and are dedicated to applying up-to-date training in order to give you the high-quality personalized repair and service you deserve. You can depend on us to keep your hybrid vehicle in tip-top condition. Call us today at Rabbit Row Repair today to discuss your HYBRID service needs.